Milan Hric

Like all great artists, Milan showed aptitude for the art from an early age, he had a natural artistic talent, which he began to develop intensively only after reaching the age of twenty. Although Milan Hric is self-taught, he mastered the basics of drawing and composition admirably quickly. Under the leadership of two prominent visual artists - Academy painter Karel Czaky and graphic artist Milan Bandurčina - he quickly created his own distinctive style and handwriting.

At first he was fascinated by the Renaissance and realism, later by Dali's surrealism, which still fully defines his artistic direction and inspiration. Milan Hric’s body of work is admired on many levels, by art critic a lay collectors alike. Whether that’s because of the masterful creation of his subjects, along which, the problems of past and present civilisation are portrayed in a highly cultured and technically brilliant colour compositions.

On a purely superficial level, his art conveys a beauty that is reflected in the faces of his characters, which has at once been described as calming and healing, even in the face of chaos. Every single painting is interesting and mindful with its idea and precise design.

Such is the style of Milan Hric, a participant in many solo and group exhibitions, whose works can be found in collections in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA and Canada. His graphics are part of the collections of the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce.

“Beyond being a surrealist, Milan Hric collectors have enjoyed the unique extrapolation of mind, body and soul, that have been used to create vivid images of the facets of human experience. His art is technically outstanding and his imagery speaks to his collectors on many levels. This is art of and for the mind”

- Fabrizio Harper-

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