Emil Holub

Born in 1966 in Třebíč, Czechoslovakia.

Due to the political situation in Czechoslovakia in 1973 his family was forced to move to the opposite end of the country to the West Bohemian borderland, where he lives to this day.

The artist's career began with a visit to an exhibition of paintings during his studies at intermediate school in 1980. The hitherto unseen dream scenes of Czech graphic artist Jindřich Pileček in young Emil aroused the desire to put on paper a things that had so far been hidden only in his imagination. On the same day, he bought a sketchbook, an ink and a pen and drew his first drawing.

As a self-taught student improves his technique by studying the works of other artists, reading professional literature and, last but not least, by taking a critical look at his own paintings. His work was most influenced by artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, H. R. Giger and of course many others.

He paints with intermittent breaks, which he completes by taking photographs or making documentaries from his travels. He considers himself primarily a painter.

He is the author of covers for music albums of many musicians.

The author's current work is influenced by nature and technology. From nature was originated the man who created the technique and technology. In his paintings, the author plays with the idea of what it might look like if these two different worlds merged into one whole.

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