Leading Czech artist. Considered a pioneer in post communist street art and leading voice in a generation of Pop-Con artists. Displayed and collected at museum and institutional level. Gen X in Czech Republic was a little different to the others, especially those born in the industrial and urban settings outside of Prague.

"Who’s eyes can I trust to recount the world as I see it? To remove the flattering filters we use in this era of pop-social-media. I want to share my testimony to the world through its pop culture and its consciousness, to combine these two forces to create PopCon art." OpenMindz360.

“My art is affected by everything i feel around myself, music and industrial is a big element too.

People in all sorts of tense situations. Thru violence, conflicts, natural disasters with sometimes even irony or exaggeration.”

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Openmindz360, the pseudonym of Marek Nenutil, was born, and raised in Ostrava, CZ, 1978 - where continues his work today.

Too many voices have taken the easy route to point to Openmindz360’s background and success as a graffiti artist during the adoptive stages of the movement, in the early 1990s in Ostrava. However, delve a little deeper, and like Basquiat in NYC, graffiti is a chapter as opposed to the whole story. There are many more levels to Openmindz360’s art than his humble rambunctious early years. Though, it does bare noting that graffiti from these early years is prominently displayed at the Museum Mining of Landek today!

His inspirations range from his own life in a multitude of facets -from loved cartoon effigies of a by-gone era, to the ‘culture shock’ of military symbols that still dominate from those same times. Among the nostalgia, and memories, are very personal landscapes filled with abandoned industrial complexes, urban corners and the human interaction that is often paradoxically juxtaposed within. When you look at an OpenMinddz360 artwork, he is handing you his ‘glasses’ for you capture a look at world that only Openmindz360’s personal visual vernacular can deliver. Delving into this world isn’t for often faint hearted - this is a world that is both filled with good and bad, and he will often seduce or scare you into and with both.

A continued theme in his more recent years has been the effects of his Multiple Sclerosis. Especially explored has been the medical experiences. They are called upon in several art works. It is impossible not to view his ‘patients’ as part of wider machine. Where diagnosis, treatment and care are built on failures of the past, hope for the future and discomfort in the present.

It’s very hard to pin down Openmindz360’s artistic influences. Certainly there are references, easter eggs and nods to past greats. Pick any selection of OpenMindz360’s work and you’ll be faced with contemporary and art history - not for the sake of it either - but because Openmindz360 art is a collection of popular consciousness. A brief look at his artwork will easily lead you from evolving Van Gogh’s sun flowers, to anti-establishment of the Chapman Brothers, the mixture of kid/adult- hood of Ron English, to the art deco romance of Tamara De Lempicka. His range of influence is extraordinary.

He is, in his lifetime, one of the world’s leading “PopCon” artists. A maverick visionary who embraces ‘Pop art’ and ‘Popular Consciousness’ to create a unique vision connecting his testimony of the world.

OpenMindz360 artwork has been exhibited in nearly 50 one man shows. Including The Chemistry Gallery, Gallery Chagall, the Adam Gallery and the Geddis Gallery of Seattle. Numerous group shows world wide and is in the official collections of Adam Gallery (Brno), Robert Runták (Olomouc), COLLETT (Munich), Marcela and Gert Jan ten Hoonte (Dubai), Paul Wurth a.s (Luxembourg), BKB Metal asl and the Ambroz collection.

His work is enjoyed by private collectors world-wide.

“The main part of my compositions are probably the figures. they are the motive of the work and they are in dialogue with the architectural background.”


Who’s eyes can I trust to recount the world as I see it? To remove the flattering filters we use in this era of pop-social-media. I want to share my testimony to the world through its pop culture and its consciousness, to combine these two forces to create PopCon art.

To ensure authenticity, I have developed a very deliberate method that begins creation without the use of sketches. I don’t ‘make up’ my subjects, or the worlds they inhibit, they are built up, from photographs collected from all over the world. I am proud that my art comes with evidence of reality, even if I do frequently add absurdity and irony into my work. My primary concern when creating to produce an authentic view of the world - even if it is skewed by me. I don’t aim to shock nor awe, but to provide an alternative lens threw which to see the world.

Two great contemporary influences of mine, through word and action, are Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst, in some ways, they have almost burdened me with a my own philosophy, by putting into words much better than I. For example, Jeff Koons captured an essence of me when he explained that ‘you (the artist) have create an iconography, or visual vocabulary, and, you know that’s only right when you feel your art has some control to the physically and intellectual experience of the viewer’. Damien Hirst, on describing Francis Bacon said that ‘good art should be representational from a distance, but the closer you are, the more image should dissolve until it is the viewer’s mind that is creating. Pow! A comic whack to my nose that I adore! So I work with surreal landscapes of people, that are interacting among a central theme, but should be considered a whole, from afar, and in the abstract, up close.

My go to medium of choice, is a combination of acrylic with oil. There is a certain intensity and richness to it that few other mediums provide. While that is my most consistent method of creation, I do enjoy a challenge! I have enjoyed the process of creating my visions in installations, sculpture, ceramic are other mediums I also enjoy, however, I will say that the invitation to illustrate the famous Czech children’s book Broucci by Jan Karafiat, is something that filled me with great pride. Publishing art is close to my heart -which leads me to my other passion, art books and magazines. I am a voracious collector and though it is hard to specify my favorite art book, I have been a consistent collector of Frieeze magazine, Flash Art magazine and Art Review for example, for many years.

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