James Steere


When the blackbird flew out of sight,

It marked the edge

Of one of many circles.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

by Wallace Stevens.

Channeling the “Edge of Many Circles”; that is the manner with which I approach my art; the many circles of style and inspiration and technique. Indeed, the many circles of landscapes and faces and moments; some touching together with wondrous synergy; some so far apart as to create undeniable contrast and productive opposition.

I was an Economics major at University in New York some years ago. I also studied art at the same university. Most days I would walk from the austere Business and Economics Building to the rambling and chaotic Arts Building, or vice versa. A seemingly enigmatic transition, but for me it provided a balance in both directions, a balance that served me well for my entire working life.

My profession was/is in the Land Surveying, Mapping and Engineering fields. I was fortunate to have worked on the design efforts of several of the most significant infrastructure projects in the New York City metro arena. The work was intense and to uncompromising standards. Through these years I maintained a life balance through my art; putting paint to canvas, exploring different styles and techniques that would become my signature. The energy and excitement of working at the highest level in NYC did indeed permeate my paintings with manic, rapid, aggressive motion and colors. It was the only way I knew.

During our early years my family and I also by chance happened to vacation in Portugal which set in motion an ongoing love affair with the country and its people. Year after year we returned to Portugal for holidays, deeply cementing our connection thereof. When we came to the happy cross roads of an early retirement we sold most everything in the USA and came to live in Portugal with 2 suitcases each and an incredible feeling of lightness. These last 6 years or so here in Monte Estoril and now Ericeria have provided me with the luxury of time to explore and refine the many stylistic approaches that I had set in motion over the years. My art reflects the admittedly most unusual path from then until now, and at the moment it all feels quite comfortable.

“My girlfriend took me out on Valentine's Day and we went to a jazz concert. A young polish/norwegian band performed something people described as advanced, avantgarde. The music was flowing and enchanted me completely. I loved it. I said to my friend: This reminds my of my tantric sessions, it has no beginning or end, no goal, no point, no frame. It's pure energy flow, joy of expression. It's... Freedom. Yes, I got this perfect description of what I like in art, in life. When I look at Jim's paintings I get the same feeling, I see a portrait, a town, a tree but nothing is obvious, my mind can wander and I can breathe. Freedom.. And Love.”
Ewa Shafik; Oslo, Norway
“I have followed Jim Steere’s work from his early years experimenting with an etching style to recently where his palette has expanded as well as his visions and subject interpretations. Through his landscapes of Portugal’s beauty to the moods and expressions of his female subjects he has continued to bring out an essence that lies beneath the surface. It has been exciting to experience each new painting …”
Allan F. Schmid; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
"I have been collecting art work for many years and have recently added a few of Jim's paintings to my collection. I am moved by his style and vibrant use of color and texture. In essence, his work is exciting, interesting, and bold."
Patricia Howard: NY, NY, USA
Moods, blues and hues - arresting ladies, eclectic views of seascapes, bullfights & quaint Portuguese villages - Jimmy captures the moment. Then there are his serious special pieces - a self portrait and more - Jimmy works with heart, soul & joy using texture to draw the eye across the images of his many varied and enticing works of art.
Vivien Hawkins, South African - March 2020
“Os teus quadros fazem-me sentir observada. Sugam-me a atenção num delicado convite à provocação da intimidade de um momento. É nele que me retenho. Voo nas tuas paisagens (decerto em introspecções que abraças na terra onde sentes lar). Tal como na pista de dança, querido “partner” partilhas da tua divertida loucura e mostras retratos irreverentes de pessoas de olhar penetrante. Vais de um extremo ao outro quando pintas e essa determinação é digna do “Padrinho”. Tenho a imensa gratidão de me teres oferecido dois quadros teus Sorrio sempre que passo por eles. Um porque relembra um serão fabuloso convosco passado em S. Pedro do Estoril e tantos outros. Enfim, “aqui há Jimmy”, nos nossos corações em som, pinturas e vivências.”
Paula De Lacerda Tavares; Sintra, Portugal

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