Artist Submission


We look for artists at all levels of their career, whether you are museum collected or emerging, we aim to provide a variety of collecting opportunities to a global audience. Our primary goal is to deliver a program that allows an artist of sufficient calibre the opportunity to make being a professional artist sustainable.

We concentrate on quality over quantity. So, working with us is nothing like platforms which take on anyone, and, eventually, where artists get lost in huge amount of competition or are forced to pay for ‘premium listings’.

We will regularly promote every single artist and work closely with them on a variety of promotions and sales and marketing strategies.

We take 20% commission of total selling price.

No fees for listing.

Subject to shipping, all Rato Society artists automatically qualify for a reserved spot in any Rato Society live art auctions.


Name, nationality, where you are based and your age.

Examples of your work - minimum of 10 to 15 high resolution images, please also provide us with dimensions, year, medium, technique, titles and descriptions of each work being submitted.

Artist CV. Artist Bio. Pictures of you (working in your studio, from exhibition….), your accolades, exhibitions and so on.

Submit to

RS will start working on your profile from the moment we have all the above and the artist agreement is signed.

Submission advice: We value technique highly, and curate to a high standard. We appreciate all movements and mediums.

If there is something you need help with or don’t know how to do, for a reasonable fee we offer to Rato Society artists ‘artist starter package’ that includes a professionally written Press kit, bio, artist statement and up to 5 artwork descriptions for €150.