About Us

Rato Society is run by co-founders Katja Ciastonova and Fabrizio Harper. Combined, they bring over a decade of global art sales experience. Specialising in primary market art (direct from the artist), Katja and Fabrizio, have forged relationships with internationally renowned artists from all corners of the world, and perhaps more importantly at varying stages of the artistic career. Building a collector base that trusts and knows us has been our primary endeavour. Rato Society offers the opportunity to collect highly curated art by emerging and established fine artists.

Having sold old masters such as Goya and Rembrandt, modern masters like Picasso and Miro, and contemporary masters such as Romero Britto, Peter Max and Yaacov Agam, we have real world experience of significant and historically important art.

We are at the forefront of assisting artists with attaining their audience, creating a collector base that becomes invested both financially and emotionally in the artist career. We have successfully sold in a plethora of mediums from unique oils on canvas to digitally created giclee prints.

Rato Society was initially destined to be a live auction house based in Portugal. However, like many organisations, 2020, in the form of Covid-19, had other plans. So a pivot was required, and our online presence became our primary focus. During this period of change we found that we benefitted greatly from the increased exposure to a more diverse audience. We have created a solid and trustworthy e-commerce site that is transparent, easy to use and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.

Whether you choose to collect, or simply admire, we hope you enjoy our collection and more importantly that you see the creative talents of our 'Rato Society Artists'.

Katja Ciastonova is a classically trained artist and gallery director of nearly 10 years. She is the curator and main decision maker when it comes to our artist roster. Katja’s love of art is extreme. She is not only an art dealer but avid collector in her own right. Her ability to discern the difference between talent and genius is uncanny. Her advice and market knowledge is invaluable to both artist and collector alike as she mediates frequently between the two, making sure that there is market harmony within Rato Society . Day to day, she provides the majority of logistical, sales and marketing assistance to our clients and artists. She is a demanding perfectionist and above all insists on delivering the best collecting experience possible. This includes timely communication, finding the best and most secure methods of shipping as well as making sure that our prices are well researched and correct.

Fabrizio Harper is the in-house auctioneer and art collecting strategist. He comes from a background of having dealt with high value ticket items globally for over 20 years. He is most comfortable on the stage and explaining in layman’s terms what it is about an artist and their work that makes them special and highly prized. Fabrizio’s chief talent is being able to have a fun and educational conversation about art. His enthusiasm and communication have led to countless ‘art novices’ becoming serious collectors; he believes this can start with nothing more than a poster. Art, for Fabrizio, isn’t just about financial investment, more importantly, he believes that an art collection is something that provides lasting legacies for generations to come.